Innovative Software Solutions, Inc., creator and owner of the AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software was established in 1993 and has been providing advanced commercial and custom Tax software to satisfied customers for more than 17 years. Most of our customers are Fortune 100 or Fortune 500 companies. Innovative Software Solutions will continue to grow and expand because of increasing AKORE® software sales and continued relationships with companies like Tesoro Petroleum Companies, Valero Energy Corporation, SWBC, NuStar Energy LP, Holly Oil Corporation and Kinetic Concepts to name a few.

Richard Carrier

President of Innovative Software Solutions, Inc.

Richard Carrier is the founder and President of Innovative Software Solutions. His company has been developing commercial Tax Software since 1993. Richard received his B.S. in Computer Science from the University Of Alaska and has been deeply involved and working with Tax Departments for over 25 years. His company has designed, implemented and managed the development and implementation of many large scale ExSTARS, SAP© Motor Fuel Tax, Sales Tax, Use Tax , Income Tax and Property Tax Projects. The results of these projects have saved Tax Departments millions of dollars in refunds resulting from more accurate reporting and Tax accrual processes. In addition, Richard has been recognized by Oil & Gas industry technology departments as one of  top innovators in Tax Technology software.

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Augustine Gonzalez

Augustine received his B.B.A. in Business Administration from the University Of Texas at San Antonio and an M.B.A from St. Mary’s University. Augustine has over 15 years experience in the Oil and Gas industry. He began his career at Tesoro Petroleum, serving many roles within the Information Technology department; Developer, Project Manager and Manager. While serving in these roles, Augustine implemented business software applications for several corporate business areas. In the process, he obtained valuable business knowledge in the Refinery Upstream and Downstream operations; Marketing, Retail, Production Revenue, Logistics, Supply and Trading Operations and Accounting.

John Brand

Manager, Forms and Content

John provides ISS with over 20 years transportation experience. In 2012 John was invited by the Federal Tax Administration to join both the Forms and Electronic commerce uniformity subcommittee. John is a expert with all US, Federal and Canadian tax forms and content requirements.

Isaac Dsouza

Sr. Manager, Interface and new development

Isaac provides ISS with over 23 years of software, database and interface development experience. Isaac is a Right Angle Solrac expert along with other ERP systems. In his daily role Isaac provides leadership across all AKORE® Tax products to our developers.

Paul Hoffmann

Application Development and Quality Control Systems

Paul Hoffmann earned his Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University. Paul provides expert leadership and technical skills utilized on a daily basis during the development life cycle of the AKORE® TaxCalendar™ Software and the AKORE® TaxCrm™ Software.

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