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Pro Petroleum’s Success Story: Fueling Efficiency with AKORE® Partnership

Pro Petroleum’s Mike Mathers, Operations Manager, sings praises for AKORE® software, highlighting its transformative impact on ExSTARS Terminal Reporting. Gone are the days of cumbersome manipulation and extensive steps; with AKORE®, efficiency reigns supreme. Here are some hashtags to capture the essence of Pro Petroleum’s testimonial:

“We utilized what had become known as the ‘industry standard’ for ExSTARS Terminal Reporting. However, the previous software solution required extensive manipulation and many steps to accomplish our reporting requirements. We like to look at our automation tools as the best in the Strategic Fuel Services industry, and in this area, we certainly needed improvement. With ExSTARS, it is vital that we balance to the gallon and in order to accomplish this was very challenging with our previous software. The folks at AKORE® came in, very quickly interfaced with our Toptech Terminal Automation system and started to deliver value in very short order. We were up and running with AKORE® in a fraction of the time it took with our previous provider and there are no unnecessary steps to file ExSTARS. The software just works as advertised and the service was incredible. At the very least, I estimate that I’m saving 40-45% of my staff’s time over the previous solution. I heartily recommend AKORE® Fuel Tax Solutions.” #EffortlessExSTARS#StreamlinedAutomation#TimeSaverTech#SeamlessReporting#AKOREAdvantage