WHY AKORE® TaxCalendar™?

AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software today provides all the right tools and assets to effectively handle any type of tax deadline and tax due date. From Sales & Use, Payroll, Property, Income, Excise, Federal, HST/GST, VAT, Estimated Tax Payments, Quarterly & Annual Reports, Retail, Business Licenses and all others  Below is a partial list of some of these tools & assets needed for your Due Date Tracking, Calendar Scheduling.

Tax calendar software team

AKORE® TaxCalendar™ Software has been designed and engineered by corporate tax professionals working with software technology experts under one common goal. To fully automate the antiquated tax calendar spreadsheet process that was being used by a vast majority of corporations and design a comprehensive advanced tax calendar software solution for today’s corporate tax department and one that was also cost effective.

It’s the same application using cutting-edge virtualization—not a Web version missing features. AKORE® TaxCalendar™ Cloud™ is a fully cloud hosted solution, inside the most secure a Tier 4 data center with implemented special security required by the largest corporations, including 100% network up-time, 24/7 security and support staff, encryption at rest, SOC 2, fips 140-2 data at rest, full redundancy using database clustering, a continuously-monitored firewall along with everything else required to satisfy your internal audits. It offers the reliability of TaxCalendar without the need to invest in your data center or IT staff. Cut your IT cost now and starting using AKORE® TaxCalendar™ Cloud™

tax calendar in the cloud by Akore tax
Akore tax calendar software helps track due dates
  • Easy setup with import functionality to upload your existing tax records quickly and efficiently
  • Manages multiple tax years
  • Mass filing, editing, &  rollover functionality
  • Over 100 user-defined, searchable fields available for you to customize
  • Advanced search engine functionality with customizable search criteria that can be saved and accessed by other tax staff
  • Plan, document, track, and report on your department’s progress
  • Built-in document management system accepts any type of file
  • Each uploaded file is time and date stamped
  • Upload, attach, record details, and report on Tax Notices

And that's not all! Akore gets better:

  • Unlimited Training and Support for anyone who purchases the AKORE® TaxCalendar™ Software license along with a support and maintenance coverage plan. We will setup as many training sessions as you need to get you up and running with the software. Hire a new staff member, setup a time with us and we will have one of our professionals train them on the software for you. Need some follow-up training on a certain feature ASAP? No problem call us and one of our professionals will help you right away. Need support with importing your tax returns, and or tax contacts, call us our professionals are ready to help. Simply put Innovative Software Solutions provides exceptional customer service each and every time to our valued customers.
  • Track obligations and Due Dates with ease and maintain tax calendars for multiple years. The system will also automatically adjust due dates with its Weekend, EOM & Holidays rules that you control.
  • Tax Notice captures all the details of any type of Notice, assign parties to meet compliance, scan and upload Notice directly to the Tax Return and much more.
  • Nothings left out of the AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software, it can even generate & track additional dates associated with a Tax Return such as: EFT, Initiate Payment, BD+, BD-, Goal Date and two (2) customizable dates per generated return and or obligation.
  • Advanced Document Management System allows you to upload a scanned Tax Return, final work papers or any other document(s) into a Tax Master Template or Tax Return. Create your departments Electronic Filing Cabinet with just a few clicks.
  • Tax Calendar Advanced Search engine provides users with general and customizable fields to search under which can easily be exported to CSV, Microsoft® Excel©, Text and PDF file formats.
  • Categorization allows managers and users to categorize their templates & returns for quicker access i.e.: Federal, State, International, Business Licenses etc.…
  • Over 100 User Defined Fields allowing for customized labels that address those unique special requirements that every tax department has and they are fully searchable and reportable.
  • Robust Dashboard allows all levels of Management and Tax Staff to see monthly, weekly or daily calendar views on Tax Return(s) status with flexibility to provide customized views.
  • Alert Reminders for any return or business obligation that are fully customizable by the manager/administrator or user. You don’t even need to be logged into AKORE® to receive an alert on a due date. It’s sent directly to your email or tax team.
  • Workflow Management allows complete setup of analyst tasks associated with a selected return with start and end dates per task created.
  • Workflow Task Notification with built-in Microsoft® Outlook© integration keeps all analysts informed of their responsibilities.
  • Reporting that’s second to none. Built-in excel style filtering, exporting to .pdf and or excel and can be easily attached to email with one (1) click.
  • Report Drill-Down feature allows you to view the targeted data complied on a selected Tax Return report then double-click on a selected Tax Return to open for further detail without closing the initial report.
  • Rollover your Returns/obligations for the next calendar filing year or for multiple years easily.
  • User friendly Import and Export functionality for existing Tax Authority Contacts, Tax Returns and or Business Obligations.
  • If needed you can create Multiple Tax Calendar Databases i.e.: Tax department, Compliance and Accounting so that users only have access to see their specific departmental Tax Returns and or obligations at NO Additional Costs.

Ready to Give it a Try?

Tax professionals have experienced the day to day management of hundreds of return due date deadlines with multiple filing entities and the complex spreadsheets that needed to be updated each and every month and distributed to their analyst to work. AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software replaces the cumbersome spreadsheet processes with leading edge advanced tax calendar technology to prevent you from ever inadvertently missing any tax return due date deadline.

Developed as a turn-key solution for corporate tax departments to calculate tax return due dates based on integrated EOM & weekend rules so tax professionals can track, record, capture, store documents, monitor, communicate and report on their corporate tax obligations using one centralized tax calendar database solution. AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software is the best-in-class solution to manage, control and meet deadlines within the corporate tax department environment.