Yes absolutely, AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software with its built-in advanced tax due date calculation engine performs the automated processes to accomplish this for any tax return, business obligation and or internal deadline.

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It’s the same application using cutting-edge virtualization—not a Web version missing the features hundreds of TaxCalendar users demand from on-premise. AKORE® TaxCalendar™ Cloud™ is a fully cloud hosted solution, inside the most secure a Tier 4 data center with implemented special security required by the largest corporations, including 100% network uptime, 24/7 security and support staff, full redundancy using database clustering, a continuously-monitored firewall along with everything else required to satisfy your internal audits. It offers the reliability of TaxCalendar without the need to invest in your data center or IT staff.  Cut your IT cost now and starting using AKORE® TaxCalendar™ Cloud™

Accordion ContentYesAKORE® TaxCalendar™ software provides the standard capability to record any tax type amount and they are fully reportable.

AKORE® TaxCalendar™ Dashboard provides monthly, weekly and daily views of all current returns scheduled for filing. When you double click on any Return a pop-up window is displayed showing the progress (not started, in progress, completed & on hold) of each Tax Analyst in the workflow for the Return selected.

We charge our customers a one-time perpetual license fee for unlimited filing entities Optional support & maintenance agreements are available after the initial coverage expires that includes a 1 year support & maintenance plan that provides updates, patches, on-line training classes, and live technical support.

AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software includes a standard document management system that provides everything you need. Each document stored is date & time stamped, shows where it came from (c: or network drive) and the last user to access it. You can even check-out a document to edit and then check it back in.

No problem, AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software allows you to re-generate the returns with the new Tax Analyst in the work flow tasks under the specified Return. It takes less than 30 seconds and it’s only done once for any filing period date range.

Yes, AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software has integrated EOM & Weekend rules that you control and activate if required. AKORE® also provides all the U.S. Federal holidays within its advance tax due date calculation engine component.

With AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software you can scan and then upload the actual notice directly into the Return. Track any type of Notice, starting from the moment it’s received and assigned till it’s been resolved and closed. Store notes and log all incoming and outgoing calls related to the notice you received. AKORE® TaxCalendar™ is the only solution available today that provides this functionality.

No, AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software has built-in import functionality allowing for migration of existing spread sheets directly into AKORE® TaxCalendar™. To make it even easier our technology professionals will work with you on the migration of your existing spread sheets into AKORE® TaxCalendar™ AT NO CHARGE.

Great, AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software provides over 100 User Defined Fields, Customized Drop Down Menus, Custom Search Templates, and if you need something that’s not included in AKORE® TaxCalendar™ please let us know, we have added many features based on our customer’s requests and we value our customer’s suggestions! It’s what makes AKORE® TaxCalendar™ the go to solution for many Fortune 100/500 corporations.

Yes, with AKORE® TaxCalendar™ Dashboard each Return Name is populated in color within the monthly, weekly and daily  screen views based on a threshold being met (Amended, Current, Extended, Filed & Future) extremely easy to monitor Tax Return production progress. Double clicking on any Return quickly provides management staff a status on scheduled tax analyst workflow tasks associated with any given Return. Right click on any return and drill down to the return, file return, extend return or print. It’s all here in AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software.

With just three (3) clicks an analyst can view all of their assigned/scheduled returns for any filing period date range. Double click on any return in this report screen and drill down to that selected return without closing the initial report screen.

Yes it does, as a matter of fact we also track penalties and interest charges to.

No, we have customers who are using AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software in their compliance and accounting departments to track their own internal & external due dates. In fact AKORE® allows you to setup separate databases for each department if required at no additional cost.

Yes it can. When an Analyst receives or makes a call in connection with a return, they can log all notes pertaining to the call directly into the return, with each recorded call time & date stamped! You can also track and report on these calls.

You bet, we have a dedicated area within each return where Tax Analyst can input notes directly into the scheduled return with each note being time and date stamped! You can also Track and Report on all notes entered within AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software.

Audit History is another valuable tool that Tax Management has to provide total accountability for all data entered under any Tax Return field. This robust and powerful feature helps Tax Management in managing, reviewing and quality control of the data entered by their Tax Analyst. Quickly see when a Tax Return field was updated or modified, inserted or created and deleted. This will help in Sarbanes–Oxley compliance issues.

Yes, AKORE® TaxCalendar™ Work Flow simplifies the internal communications between Tax Analyst when a scheduled task is completed and now ready for the next scheduled Tax Analyst action. Work Flow procedures trigger an e-mail to be automatically sent when a Tax Return Preparer has completed their work and now the Tax Return moves to the Reviewer or when the Reviewer completes and now it moves to the Approver for their action. These types of communications are crucial in meeting Tax Return deadlines and now fully automated within the AKORE® TaxCalendar™ Software.

AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software provides a wealth of customizable reports; by return due date, by EFT due date, by tax analyst, by country, by state, by city, by parish, by borough, by county, by return type and much more!! All reports can be exported to excel or pdf.

Yes, AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software provides unlimited filing entities here are a few examples: Corporations, LLC’s, S-Corp., Partnerships, Sole Proprietors, Single Payer LLC’s, Professional Associations, Professional Corporations, Cooperative Associations, Nonprofit Corporations, Unincorporated Nonprofit Associations and TIN’s.

We provide a 1 Year Support & Maintenance coverage plan with every AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software license purchase. It provides updates, patches, upgrades and LIVE TECHNICAL SUPPORT 24x7x365. Additional Annual Support & Maintenance agreements are also available to our customers upon request.

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