Tax Calendar Management Tools for Managers

AKORE© Tax Calendar Has Essential Tools for Tax Managers

All levels of Tax Management can use AKORE’s centralized database to Capture, Organize and Track all Municipal, County, State, Federal and International Tax Return obligations. Managing the Tax Staff performing the work is critical in meeting deadlines. AKORE® TaxCalendar Software provides effective tools needed to maximize productivity, control costs associated with Tax Return production while maintaining data integrity, and providing an extensive Audit trail for every Tax Return and Obligation.

due date Tracking with Akore software

Calendar Dashboard

Calendar Dashboard provides management with a very robust application that allows a customized monthly, weekly or daily view of all Tax Returns or Obligation due that month. Tax departments can have several hundred of Returns due in single month. Each Return Name is populated in color based on a threshold being met (Amended, Current, Extended, Filed & Future) extremely easy to gage Tax Return production progress. Double clicking on any Return quickly gives management staff a status on scheduled Tax Analyst tasks associated with any given Return. Also allows Tax Management staff to drill down to any Tax Return populated in the Dashboard monthly view to analyze or modify, extend, file, or print the selected Tax Return. Robust, Easy to use and extremely effective.
tax calendar staff management

Easily Manage Staff

Quickly Reacting To Tax Staffing Changes is a simple to use and very powerful feature of the AKORE® TaxCalendar™ Software. If you have any expected or unexpected staffing changes simply change the Master Template and then quickly regenerate your future returns and obligations. After assigning the new staff, the Dashboard views, reports, searches and everything related to previously assigned staff will be automatically updated.

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edit tax audit history

Calendar Dashboard

Change History Audit is another valuable tool that Tax Management have to provide total accountability for all data entered under any Tax Return. This robust and powerful feature helps Tax Management in managing and reviewing the data entered by their Tax Analyst. Quickly see when a Tax Return field was updated or modified, inserted or created and deleted.

next year tax return calendar

Automate Next Years Tax Returns

RollOver provides Tax Users with an automated way to create next years set of returns for just monthly or all frequencies. Use the built in Excel style filters to select any return or group of returns.

tax calendar software reports

Summary and Detailed Reports for Tax Managers

Summary and Detailed Reports are a required necessity of any management staff to accurately and effectively manage their assigned duties. Access and customize views of tax data, create custom reports that meet specific business needs, set context for tax decisions by analyzing tax-friendly data and graphs, Protect the integrity of tax data by reporting using a database separate from compliance. The AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software comes with many built in Management Reports that can be used for any type of Tax Reporting requirement.

WHY tax managers need AKORE® TaxCalendar™?

AKORE® TaxCalendar™ software gives Tax managers the assets to effectively and accurately manage the day to day activities of the Enterprise Tax Department and its obligations.

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AKORE® TaxCalendar™ Software is an easy to use tool designed to capture, generate, schedule, categorize, report, track and manage all aspects of any type tax return, business license, notices and obligation. These include but are not limited to sales and use tax, income tax, motor fuel tax, franchise tax, business license, property tax, corporate annual reports and many other corporate returns. Frequently Asked Questions

When using any one of the many pre-built reports, graphs, charts and quick finds AKORE® software simplifies the TaxCalendar Due Date Tracking and Reporting Process.

AKORE® TaxCalendar has the built in ability to store International, Federal, State and Local Tax Authority addresses, contacts, filing and payment information along with any other Tax Constituents you may need to communicate with.

AKORE® TaxCalendar Software is the most feature-rich and best priced Tax Calendar Software and Due Date Tracking Software on the market. Built by CPA’s, Tax Experts & Technology Professionals.

Within AKORE® TaxCalendar® Software you will quickly find many impressive features that are not available with other Tax Calendar Software.

Easily manage tax return deadlines and workflow.

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Our Tax Calendar Dash Board is the only Tax Calendar Software that provides all levels of management the power to quickly view just one or all return statuses within a customized calendar view with just a single click. Use familiar, simple to use, spreadsheet style filters to build return due date views by preparers, reviewers, approvers, companies, tax year, tax month or any combination of information you choose.

Easily create your own Electronic Filing Cabinet by attaching notes, preparation work papers, filed, extended or amended documents directly into the software with our simple to use, built in Document Management System. Share and view these documents at anytime from within the AKORE® TaxCalendar Software.

Need to track a return notice? With AKORE® TaxCalendar scan and upload the actual notice into the Tax Calendar Software. Track any type of notice due date, starting from the moment it’s received and assigned until resolution and closing. Store notes and log all incoming and outgoing calls related to the notice.

Need help converting from your existing spreadsheets or another calendar? No problem, we will assist you at no charge. We are experts at helping companies load spreadsheet data into our software by utilizing several built-in tools to import calendar data from external software.