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AKORE®TaxCalendar Software v3.0 Release

Innovative Software Solutions (ISS) is proud to announce the general availability of its “New” AKORE®TaxCalendar Software v3.0. Below is a short list of some of the new enhancements that are included in the new v3.0.


 New Automatic Email Notification System for Tax Return Workflow Tasks

 More Reports, Charts and Graphs

 New Additional Due Dates (Five) for setting Schedules, Deadlines, and for Internal Date Tracking

 New Customizable Tax-Type Details Entry Fields (6) for Tax Returns

 New entry fields for Return Bond info, Web Filing Information

 New Tool — Mass Delete Templates

 New Tool — Mass Extend Tax Returns

 More Built-In Filing Frequencies (Quarter-Monthly, Bi-Annually, Tri-Annually)

 New Desktop Due Date Alert System

ISS is now performing AKORE TaxCalendar Software v3.0 demo’s, so contact us today to schedule your demo.