Innovative Software Announces Release of AKORE® TaxCalendar Cloud™

Innovative Software Solutions, a leading provider of tax software, today announced the release of AKORE® TaxCalendar Cloud™.  This release makes the tax department-tested benefits of AKORE® TaxCalendar™ available to anyone, anywhere, any device, IPAD®, IPHONE®, MAC®, etc. needing only an internet connection.

AKORE® TaxCalendar Cloud™ offers the security and reliability of a Tier 4 data center with 100% network uptime, round-the-clock security staff, database clustering, a continuously-monitored firewall, and over two days of backup power. Access to AKORE® TaxCalendar Cloud™ is ensured by nine redundant providers over fiber with multiple access points to the data center.

AKORE® TaxCalendar Cloud™ cuts the cost of IT department maintenance. Allowing tax professionals to focus on their work, TaxCalendar® updates occur seamlessly. Changes to TaxCalendar® users are made through the application’s improved security interface, meaning no support call is necessary.

Thanks to cutting-edge virtualization technology, the same TaxCalendar® used on-site by hundreds of users globally is now delivered to any device. “More and more companies are choosing TaxCalendar® and virtualization has leapt forward,” said Richard Carrier, Innovative Software President. He continued, “there is no need for our customers to deal with hamstrung Web applications now that they can have TaxCalendar® delivered with all of the features that have made it a leader.”

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