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Look what HollyFrontier Corporation says about Akore FTplus:

“Since we moved away from Zytax/Avalara and went with AKORE® FTPLUS®, we have found the differences to be very meaningful in a number of ways. Two things really stand out; first, the speed of the system is incredible. We estimate that in terms of function and resources required that we have reduced our costs by a minimum of 50%.

The other significant way that the system impacts us, really on a daily basis, is that previously whenever a change was made to the system, it would require that we bring in our vendor to make those changes. AKORE® FTPLUS® changed that dynamic and further helped us reduce time and expense. Now, changes, big or small can be accomplished within our team on the business side and do not require IT (except in instances where they would normally be involved.) For instance, adding products.” stated Leslie Simmons, Vice President. #FuelTracking #FuelManagement #TaxSolutions #TaxManagement #BusinessEfficiency

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