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NuStar Energy’s Success Story with AKORE® FTPLUS®

NuStar’s previous fuel tax software had reached its limits, unable to cope with the colossal volume of transactions demanded by the company’s operations. Enter AKORE® FTPLUS®, an IRS-certified solution meticulously designed to meet NuStar’s complex needs. What ensued was nothing short of a technological revolution, with AKORE® FTPLUS® seamlessly integrating with NuStar’s terminal accounting system, thanks to its versatile Data Interface connectors.

The results were immediate and astounding. Processes that once consumed hours now concluded in mere minutes, thanks to the ingenious Patent Pending Matrix Tool™ embedded within AKORE® FTPLUS®. With performance skyrocketing by 75%, NuStar witnessed a quantum leap in efficiency, with filing times slashed by 30-50%. But the benefits didn’t end there.

NuStar experienced a paradigm shift in return accuracy, thanks to the Advanced Error Management Module of AKORE® FTPLUS®. Unlike its predecessor, which often failed to catch errors prior to submission, AKORE® meticulously scrutinized data, flagging errors in real-time and preventing erroneous submissions—a game-changer for NuStar’s compliance efforts.

But perhaps the most remarkable aspect of NuStar’s journey with AKORE® FTPLUS® was the seamless implementation. Senior staff collaborated closely with NuStar, ensuring a swift and smooth transition to the new system, facilitating nationwide ExSTARS compliance and multiple state Terminal Operator Implementations.

In an industry where every minute counts and accuracy is paramount, NuStar Energy’s partnership with AKORE® FTPLUS® stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovative technology. As NuStar continues to drive forward in its mission to revolutionize energy logistics, one thing remains clear: with AKORE® FTPLUS®, the sky is the limit. #FuelTaxRevolution#EfficiencyUnleashed#SeamlessIntegration#PrecisionInCompliance