Sales at Record Levels

Innovative Software Solutions (ISS) announces 2011 sales at record levels as corporate tax departments look to minimize their risk related to missing tax return due date(s). Risk management professionals will tell you that having all the right tools/solutions in place in support of managing hundreds if not thousands of complex tax filing due dates is essentially critical to the bottom line.

Our customer base continues to grow exponentially, 200-300% per year said Richard Carrier president of ISS. Carrier went on to say that his company is 110% dedicated to providing the absolute best tax calendar software solution available. Our customer service professionals continue to provide exceptional support to our customers like Unlimited “LIVE” Dedicated Training, which is vitally important to get our customers up and running with the software ASAP. We are totally committed to our customers success with our tax calendar software solution and we will do whatever it takes to get them there. There are many new enhancements scheduled for 2012 for AKORE® TaxCalendar software and these will be developed with one thing in mind and that’s the total success of our customers in using the very best tax calendar software solution available AKORE®, Carrier finished.

AKORE® TaxCalendar software was designed and developed to effectively manage the complex world of tax return due dates and so has become a trusted solution for companies of all sizes including many Fortune 1000 companies.